Welcome to 2009!

Yesterday I bought some cava (that we didn’t even drink yet!) at this liquor stop near work with lovely neon signs:
Liquors/Fine Wines

Then to welcome in the new year last night, Paul and I went to this fantastic Brooklyn tradition, the steam whistles that the Cheif Engineer at Pratt collects and hooks up to the steam feed from the engine room every New Year. It was LOUD! and cold, but did I mention LOUD! And steamy. And there was a calliope conrolled with an electronic keyboard. The engine room was closed to visitors sadly, but we could peer in through the windows.  It’s in a beautiful building (it’s an historic landmark building). A great Brooklyn New Year’s Eve. (Here are some better pix−I was too cold to be a good photographer.)

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2009.



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