Where were you at noon today? I went to the Ear Inn, Est. 1817. A place that’s toasted more than a few presidential inaugurations. Sometimes you want to go… where people will cheer and boo at the appropriate moments, where you can raise a glass to hope, or where you can just skive off work for a while. The Ear is a bit of a great good place, really—neither work nor home, but a welcoming place, a comfortable place. A good place to celebrate. (And it was good to be in the right place, instead of at work with a choppy video feed in the corner my monitor.)

Mr. President

Afterwards C       and I went down to Trinity Church (yo, Neo-Gothic) to hear a full peal of the bells—it takes about 3 hours to complete, and Trinity has 12 bells, the most in the country (that’s 2 more than the National Cathedral in D.C.) After perusing some of the tombstones (including Alexander Hamilton‘s), we walked past Federal Hall, where George Washington’s inauguration happened in 1789. All in all a very presidential day, without every leaving New York.



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