Lunchtime Pix

Well, would ya look at that, it’s Photo Friday again already. Here are some things I saw on a lunchtime walk to Canal Street (oh the simple joys of a pork bun). You can click on any photo to see it larger and, as always, more are available in the Flickr stream.


A lovely composite-ish order column
calmly presideing over the chaos of Canal Street:

composite order


A great old fan
in an unexpected place:

in an unexpected place

(I love that sea green color.)


The base of a fully engaged column
on the facade of Pearl Paint:

fully engaged

(It almost looks like a map.)


A sign of distinction in SoHo:

Bluth Bros.

(File that one in the Department of
Wonderful Abbreviations.)


Don’t even think about it:

penalty for removal

(Because there is a PENALTY.)




(Nice arrow, isn’t it?)



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