Snow Day

It’s snowing! The forecast claims it will be rain or at least sleet before the night is over, but still, for now: snow! I love the way snow inhabits the air, demonstrating that the sky really does come all the way down to the ground; the way it masks all the colors and textures to reveal the forms that make up the world (kind of like how artists squint to blur out the color and just see contrast—only for shape instead of chroma). It’s a marshmallow land in the winter and all that. Plus snow is a nearly magical reification of the prosaic forces of wind and water. Reification is a word I learned in grad school, yes. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is snow is cool.

Here’s some snow old snow pix from Cambridge (mostly near Le Corbusier’s Carpenter Center), because it is too dark to take pictures now. Stupid short winter days. Oh, and also because there’s been barely any accumulation here. Yet. I wore my boots today anyway.

 snow piloti snow bermlette snow fountain snow-Corbusier

All of this is not to say I don’t love color in architecture. Because I do.  Saurbrach and Hutton are interesting architects who are obsessed with color, which is what it takes, I think, to pull it off. Color isn’t easy. If you’re not careful, you could end up with this. That’s Will Alsop’s work—not to my taste as you may have guessed. I think his buildings probably look a lot better with a solid snow load on them.

PS: By the way, how good are you at spotting subtle variations in hue?



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