Rainy Day Architecting

Architects don’t build buildings, they build models. OK, that quip, like most, isn’t exactly right—we also manage the building of actual buildings and lots of other stuff, but it does convey the very true idea that we tend to build a lot of models. I have far more knowledge of paper, chipboard, and basswood than of brick, 2x4s, or steel. and so I have been very excited to discover that there are a wealth of paper models to be found online. I know: duh. But I never thought to look.

I found a printable pattern for the Brooklyn Bridge and another for Wrigley Field (I recommend the high-res version linked near the bottom of the page) at PapterToys.com, while the Canon website features all kinds of great stuff. I was all set to build one last night, but the one I most wanted to make (the Blue Mosque–I wanted to build a building I’ve seen in person) has 30 pages of patterns and another 14 pages of instructions. Maybe I’d better save that for a rainy weekend activity

In addition to buildings, you can find lots of other interesting things to make. Mostly, though, this all makes me want to make my own patterns, since I, like, went to school to learn how to do that. Now there’s a Christmas card idea.

Helpful hints if you are going to build some models: get a self-healing mat to cut on, use a small X-ACTO type knife for small cuts and a bigger Olfa-type box-cutter for longer straight lines, change blades often, use a tacky glue like Sobo or Aleene’s, and use a toothpick or dull X-ACTO blade to apply it in smooth thin coats to glue surfaces. Or else just go to architecture school—you’ll be aces at it by the time you graduate.



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