Coffees Not Drunk

As I’ve said before, whether you think God is in the details (as the Germans do) or it’s the devil in the details (as the Mexicans say), the details are where it’s at. When I was drinking coffee earlier today I remembered this detail from a coffee shop that I never visited and that no longer exists called Ini Ani by LTL:

That detail—a small wall made of cast coffee cup tops—stuck with me.  I heard one of the architects (I forget now which) talk about it and show a some slides a few years ago, and I haven’t forgotten. I wish I could have seen it.  Maybe I’ll have to recreate it myself some day…



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3 Responses to “Coffees Not Drunk”

  1. Anne

    Small scale Rachel Whiteread type thing! We can do this no probl, just need a good mold release spray and some nice fine detail casting plaster- a good project for a cold winter! Then, if you wanted to, you could cast into them in glass, make coffee-lid glass disks, and ooh, make a sidewalk of ‘em like in Soho. For a subterranean coffee bar. Start collecting tops…
    –yet another project for the future!


  2. Kirsten

    Yes! Glass would be purdy. Glass is pretty much always always purdy. Windows, sidewalks, anything. Seems too good a concept to let disappear with the cafe.


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