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What’s going on here? Here’s what’s coming: I’m going to say stuff about design. Probably generally about architecture (since I’m an architect) and mostly about public architecture, but also urbanism, landscape architecture, and design in general. I’m always interested in the things that shape our space from teapots to skyscrapers. And I’ll probably also get tangential now and then, because that’s just how it works_tangents make the world go ’round.

In a way this is just a spiffed-up version of the livejournal blog I started for my trip two years ago to Rome and Istanbul but left off updating a while ago. This is roomier and more customizable and just, you know, less livejournally.

In another way it’s a kind of extension of my old webzine wburg.com, which I handed off when I left for architecture school. My interests have shifted a bit since then and I’m more interested in writing and drawing and photographing now than editing, but I still feel fondly toward that site.

I have big ideas_big ideas!_for this site (I hope it will become a launch pad for all kinds of projects), but for now I’ll leave off with this:

I <3 NYC coffee cartsHow amazing and wonderful are the stainless steel coffee carts that caffeinate New York (and maybe other cities? I’ve never seen them elsewhere_have you?) every weekday. A tiny streamlined room of pillowed stainless steel with windows to display donuts (just point and choose), urns to store coffee, and wheels on which to roll away when the city-wide coffee break is over. All that piloted by some of the nicest New Yorkers I’ve met. And they will give you coffee and a donut for less than $2! Genius.

The only downside is that these creatures are morning-glory-like: come noon they all fold up and roll away into what I like to imagine are shiny subterranean grottos where they rest and replenish themselves for the next frantic weekday morning.

The whole thing is small enough to be pushed by hand, though usually has a hitch so it can be towed (coffee and donut road trip anyone?) Mobile architecture made of pillowed stainless steel—a miniature shiny diner you can just hose down at the end of the day. What’s not to like about that? And no, I have not yet seen the movie, but it’s in the ole Netflix queue. In the mean time I’ll just keep marvelling at these little miracles of modern architecture. If only they’d stick around into the afternoon…



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